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Testosterone shortage

Health Canada fails to act as drug shortages impact trans men

January 6, 2012 |

An ongoing drug shortage is causing a hassle for trans men and other users of injectable testosterone.

Mary Potter is a registered nurse with the Sherbourne Health Centre’s LGBT Primary Care Program. She says the most important thing for users to know is that they have other options for medication.

“The issue is when they don’t come to see us or… they’re told by the pharmacy that they just don’t have it and people are waiting without the medication,” she says.

Waiting, rather than finding an alternative drug, can result in a lapse of the medication’s effects. “They should be coming in to see their physicians or nurse practitioners because they can be switched to a different compound.”

She says that this is the second time a shortage of the drug has happened this year. “We actually had a recent problem with Delatestryl being back ordered; there was an issue with the raw material in the summer,” Potter says.

Five pharmacies in Toronto were asked about the availability of Delatestryl. All the pharmacists contacted said the drug was on back-order.

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