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When childhood routines become grown-up treasures

Last month, I spoke with Joseph Audeh, a Palestinian-American Brooklynite in his 20s, about growing up as one of the only Arabic kids in his suburban Florida community. This is a snippet of his story I played for Uptown Radio at Columbia Journalism School.


Sometimes, I play music.

Click here to hear the premiere podcast of #InterrobangRadio.

This is the first podcast of the first presentation of my new morning show on CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax! I interviewed Brendan Jones about his new clothing service in the city, I aired friend Lauren Naish’s documentary about GSAs in New Brunswick, and I asked acoustic cover-pop group The Woodshed to play their new twist on Britney Spears. You can hear #InterrobangRadio in all of its live-on-air glory–Thursday mornings at 9am.